What does my order status mean?

For the most up to date information on your orders, please visit your account.  

If your order status shows "Complete", your order has shipped and is no longer at any of our facilities.  At this point, any changes to your order cannot be made.  If you would like to change anything (exchange item, return products, refund the order) please wait to receive your order and contact us for further assistance.  If tracking information is available, you may be able to follow your package on its way to you.

If your order status shows "In Process", our team is hard at work assembling the products you have ordered and preparing the package for shipment.  Should any change need to be made to your order, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible.  Based on where the order is in this process, we can advise on any adjustments that can be made.

If your order status shows "Pending", several things may be happening to your order.  If you have selected a payment method that requires further steps (such as paying in cash at a local depot) your order will maintain this status until it has been paid for, at which time it will change to "In Process".  Another reason your order may show "Pending" is when our team needs to verify something and will reach out to you for information to do this.  Please watch your email for information requests from our Security team if this is the case.

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