What does the International Airmail process look like?

Many customers want to know the specifics of how our International Airmail shipping process works.

One important aspect is this shipping method is very reliable, but does not offer tracking or refunds.  This means, if your order is not delivered to you, we cannot issue a refund for this order.  We do offer other methods which have visibility and tracking and refunds, but this is not one of them.

Since there is no tracking information for International Airmail, the following process happens without visibility.  It would be the same process as mailing an envelope letter to a friend in another country.  It's very reliable - but you don't know exactly where the letter is until it is delivered.

The below information details International Airmail step by step:

  1. You place your order online and we consolidate all items into as few packages as possible, keeping our costs low.
  2. The packages are transported to a mail facility at major cities in the USA (either Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, or Miami).
  3. Packages are sent along with other mail to your country.
  4. Packages arrive at customs in your country and go through inspection. This step can cause significant delay based on how quickly your customs is currently operating and what items are in your order.
  5. Packages are finally passed in to the local postal system and begin making delivery to your address.

When checking out, the shipping method will look like this:

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