What is the expiration date for products I order from you?

Because we sell a wide variety of items, the expiration date varies by the type of product you are purchasing.

  • Supplements:  We guarantee at least 60 days for vitamin and supplement products, unless otherwise noted in the item name.*
  • Foods:  We guarantee at least 30 days for food type products.

The above represents the bare minimum expire by date.  However, due to the unique distribution system we have in place with vendors, HealthDesigns.com will continue to offer the freshest possible product compared to all other websites and stores.  By avoiding the buy-and-hold method of inventory which many companies still use, we network with the largest brands to gain access to the freshest, longest dated products available.

*There are items sold which explicitly state a shorter than normal expiration date.  These are identified in the item name with " (Expires X/XX/XXXX)".  These items represent overstock products that we need to discount below cost to sell.  It can be a great deal for you if it's a product you intend to use soon, so watch our healthdesigns.com/specials page for items like this.

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